When you take any vacation, one of the chief concerns is how you’ll get around the area. In some cities, traffic is so heavy that taking a taxi seems more trouble than it’s worth, while others don’t have a comprehensive public transportation system to rely on. Some are small and walkable, while others are sprawling and spaced out. Ann Arbor has several viable options when it comes to transportation. Here’s our guide to getting around Ann Arbor:

By Car

If you drove up to Ann Arbor, getting around by car is an option, though it’s rarely the favorite option because parking can be difficult. Throughout downtown and the busier parts of Ann Arbor, most of the parking available is street parking and usually includes parking meters or other parking fees. However, you can avoid the problem of parking by hailing a taxi or order a ride from a rideshare app like Lyft or Uber.

By Bike

Ann Arbor is a very bike friendly city, and when it comes to wheels, bikes are a regular alternative to cars. Most streets will have bike lanes, and there are a significant number of bike racks and bike parking places throughout the city. You can also rent a bike from ArborBike, the city’s bikeshare program. You’ll likely find bike stations throughout downtown or near the University of Michigan campus.

By Bus

Ann Arbor’s bus system, Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA) or “The Ride,” includes over 1500 stops throughout Ann Arbor. It is an affordable method of transportation, with fares as low as $1 per adult and half-price for students. The university has their own bus system for free, so if you’re exploring the University of Michigan campus, this could be an excellent and affordable option for getting around Ann Arbor.

By Foot

Finally, the most affordable — and sometimes the most exciting — transportation option is simply walking. Ann Arbor is a very walkable city, especially if you’re located near the University of Michigan campus. Here you can take your time to really see the sights rather than rushing from place to place. You may find your favorite restaurant, cafe, park, or gallery this way. It’s also the most eco-friendly option, which is appealing for many visitors and locals alike. And when you walk where you need to go, you’ll never need to worry about fares or parking. On the chance that you might a ride to get somewhere too far away by foot, you’ll have saved enough on transportation to afford a rideshare.

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