Ann Arbor is a city known for its sports, its fairy doors, and even it’s music and food scene. But do you know what Ann Arbor has to offer bookish visitors? From a wide range of bookstores to libraries in five different locations and bookish events, if you love books, you’ll love Ann Arbor. It’s the birthplace of the once popular and long mourned bookstore chain, Borders, but long before Borders and long after, Ann Arbor continues to provide book lovers with as many supplies of books as possible.

The Bookstores

By far the most popular bookstore in Ann Arbor is Literati, a fairly recent addition. It opened in 2013 in downtown Ann Arbor. They’re famous for their typewriter on the lower level where guests can type a note before they leave. These notes were compiled last year into a book called Notes From a Public Typewriter, which you can find in the store. They were also named Bookstore of the Year by Publisher’s Weekly just this year.

But Literati isn’t the only bookstore Ann Arbor has to offer. In fact, according to records from 1862 on, the city has never had less than three bookstores at a time. Outside of Literati, there’s also the Dawn Treader — named for the C.S. Lewis book — which specializes in buying and selling rare books. Nicola’s Books is the largest independent bookstore in Ann Arbor, offering a massive selection, and Bookbound is a popular option, as well. Looking for books about history? Try Motte & Bailey. Comics? Check out The Vault Of Midnight.

The Library

The Ann Arbor District Library holds over 8.8 million items throughout five different locations. This is more than just a great place to find books — especially for free. Through the library events, you can also learn to make macarons, listen to stories from a real forest ranger, or even hear a hip hop concert. After all, who says the library has to be quiet and boring? The Ann Arbor District Library is constantly making strides to improve, both in their offerings and their inclusivity. This month, they’re hosting an event to showcase new technology for the blind, visually impaired, and physically disabled.

The Events

Between Ann Arbor and the neighboring areas, there are several bookish events that you might be able to enjoy when you visit Ann Arbor. Every May, there’s the Ann Arbor Antiquarian Book Fair at Michigan Union, an excellent place to find first editions or collectibles for avid bibliophiles. In September, you can see a collection of publishers, authors, and booksellers at the Kerrytown BookFest, and November celebrates Jewish authors at the Jewish Books & Arts Festival. You should also check out local bookstores, coffee shops, and libraries for events like book signings and readings from authors.

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